Shane Hoskins

Drummer; Available for Touring/Sessions/Showcases....

Artists & Groups worked with....

Southern Heet

The Runaways

Troy Shondell

Suzanne Strickland

Rode Hard And Put Up Wet

Mr. T And The General Lee

Super Deece

7 Ravens


Chasin' Mason

Joanna Smith

Ryan Mims

John Karl

McKenzies Mill

Heather Walker Thompson

Stony Run

Shawn Mayer

Jason Clutter

Karen Dee


Adam D. Tucker

Danni Leigh

Southern Hauler


Tony Barnes

Chris Hennessee

Marion Grace

Soul Burn

Jacob Reynolds Band

Ted Russell Kamp

Mickie James

Ruth Collins

Michael Ray

Emilee Allen

Ann Claire

Jordan Anderson

Delana Stevens & The Beggar Saints

Shane Thomas

Danny Lee Dunn

Lucas Hoge